18 Clouds That Look Like Actual Things

The best thing about being unemployed, or just filthy rich without the need to work? You have time to go to the park, lay on your back and simply watch the skies, pointing out strange and unusual clouds, with some of them even resembling actual things.

The UK Cloud

The Dog Cloud?

The Cloud Dragon

Which just happens to be over this awesome looking cliff…

Simba in Cloud Form

Smiling Crocodile Cloud

The Hovering Elephant Cloud

Batman or Bat-Signal Cloud

Even clouds have Lips

Flying Saucer Cloud

Man With Hammer?

More Hovering Elephants

Pegasus or just a Regular Horse?

Atomic Bomb Cloud

Flaming Meteor, Hurtling at Eart

The Swine Cloud

More Aliens Invading

Dragonfly Cloud

Jelly Fish Clouds