Curve Trash Bin Concept Rids of Dog Doo

They say people can be classified as either dog people or cat people and that statement seems to be quite true.

Those who like dogs seem to have certain quirks while those who prefer cats seem to have their own preferences in life. Cats are of course very independent and one does not need to take them for a walk in the park to finish their business. Dogs on the other hand need to be chaperoned while they do their business and that results in a lot of mess on the streets.

In order to address this issue, Ben Koros has launched the Curve trash bin concept. Not only does this trash can help dog owners to clear dog excrement but will also help in avoiding people from dumping other wastes into the bin. This way, there will be enough space for all the dog excrement that one could imagine in a certain neighborhood.

What makes the trash can different is that larger stuff like bottles, cans and boxes cannot be dumped inside and only the dog owner will be able to wrap dog feces in a biodegradable plastic wrapper and get rid of the dirt. You could also take a look at the Dog Excrement Lamp that we had featured sometime ago. Yes, you read that right.