Clue Mystery Board Game Smashes Into Dungeons & Dragons

It’s become a trend lately to create board game mashups, in the hope that the resulting game gets more popular and more entertaining than its separated parts.

This seems to be the case now, too, as the classic game of Clue suddenly has more dungeons and dragons to it than the usual. The goal of the game remained unchanged, but it now has a little twist. You still have to find the murderer, the weapon and the room, or rather the dungeon where the murder was committed.

The six game pieces are no longer made of cheap plastic. Instead, we now have six metal tokens designed so that they match the D&D theme:

  • Regdar the Fighter
  • Lidda the Rogue
  • Mialee the Wizard
  • Nebin the Gnome
  • Tordek the Dwarf
  • Ember the Monk

All of them seem quite fierce, so guessing the murderer will not be that easy.

As for the weapons, these are also made of metal, and look dangerous enough to scare the typical Clue players to death:

  • Vorpal Sword
  • Dagger of Venom
  • Ring of Magic Missiles
  • Flaming Battle Axe
  • Staff of Power
  • Mace of Disruption

Each of these weapons has a magic power that turns whoever yields them into a possible murderer.

As mentioned before, guessing the murderer and the weapon is not sufficient. You will also have to point at the mystical room where the soul was drained from the poor victim. There are nine possible choices, just as many as in the original game, namely:

  • The Treasure Chamber
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Wizard’s Tower
  • Chamber of Tricks & Traps
  • Dungeon
  • The Grand Hall
  • Library of Arcane Tomes
  • Magical Armory
  • Lost Crypt

I’m not saying that the original Clue was boring, but these added elements certainly make it a lot more entertaining, not to mention creepy. Playing it at night would surely result in people getting goosebumps.

As if these weren’t enough, already, there is also a Monster Card deck which is meant to spice up the things even more.

The Clue D&D mashup is available at ThinkGeek, and it can be yours for $39.99. The comments that you’ll see there are straight up hilarious. For example, someone suggests that in a parallel universe, Clue is played with D&D characters by default and vice versa. It’s a nice hypothesis! Now I know what game to add to my birthday wishlist!

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