Installed Coffee Faucet FTW

Everyone loves a good cup of fresh brewed coffee in the morning. Now there is a coffee faucet that you can install into your home!

Who doesn’t love a fresh brewed cup of coffee first thing in the morning? I, personally, cannot live without it. But I and others have seen how much space a coffee machine can take up on the counter. How many times have you had to move your espresso machine out of the way so you could make dinner? And how hard is it to clean around it, having to move it from one corner to another? Well, there is great news because now is a time to reclaim your counter space and still get amazing coffee every morning! Scanomat, a Danish company, has now come up with the TopBrewer Coffee Faucet!

Yes, from what it is written and the picture, it is a faucet. It is a faucet that will have all your favorite coffees right on tap, including espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, and even hot chocolate, frothed milk, and fruit juice.

The tap is stainless steel and has three dispensers – one to extract coffee, one to dispense the frothed milk, and the other to deliver non-coffee related drinks. You can adjust the height of the tap to accommodate the side of the glass or mug.

What you will not see is that all the “heavy work” is done underneath your counter, not only reducing space, but also reducing noise. It can also be fitted with a refrigeration unit to store juice and milk. TopBrewer uses a stainless steel disc grinder along with a stainless steel brew piston on rotary vane pump to continually deliver professional, consistent results. Want an espresso? Just wait 25 seconds!

The best thing about it is that you can control it with your iPhone or iPad. It has a touch screen interface that enables you to operate the unit. But you can do it with your iPad or iPhone as well. Place your mug under the faucet the night before and when you wake up in the morning, press the button to make your favorite coffee. As soon as you hit the kitchen, a fresh cup of coffee is waiting for you!

Everyone is always looking for new ways to make modern life a bit simpler. We have gone from having nothing but four walls a roof to call a home, to indoor plumbing and electricity. With more and more things working at the press of a button, everyone is always looking on how to improve basic necessities in life. Ask anyone who has to be up early in the morning and out working long hard hours, coffee is a definite necessity. With this new coffee faucet by top brewer, waking up to a fresh cup of coffee just got a whole lot simpler!

Enjoy drinking amazing coffee from a faucet using your Gameboy Mug, setting it down on your Classic Nintendo 64 Coffee Table!