Action-Packed Video of Cosplayers in Combat

Comic conventions are truly a unique experience, with the most obvious aspect of them being the convention-goers dressed up in a variety of costumes. This costume play, or cosplay, can also lead to some incredible organized scenes like these ones. Youtube user GakAttack attended FanExpo 2011 in order to create some short action scenes with various cosplayers, people he hadn’t met before. While two of the clips do involve people he knows, the rest are just your average, cosplaying convention attendees who were clearly more than willing to take part in the project. Gak definitely has some skills (both athletic skills and skills with CG effects) and knows how to take a fall, quite important given that he gets his butt kicked in about half of the scenes.

Gak's Epic Cosplay Action

The first scene involves him trying to take on both the Joker and his dame Harley Quinn, which turns out to be a bad move as the two make easy work of him (with the Joker using the guy’s face to open the restroom door so he can straighten his tie). Armed and on the attack, he gets into a firefight with stormtroopers, even mowing down a scout trooper in the process. As if that weren’t enough, he even shows off some more skills twirling a lightsaber as he goes up against Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Despite taking on the Jedi, Gak gets into trouble with Darth Vader, who puts his force choke to good use to teach him a lesson. Figuring that it’s best not to take on any more Star Wars figures, Gak goes up against a COG from Gears of War, which proves to be an even worse decision as his torso gets filled with bullets. Following a fist fight with Sheik from Ocarina of Time, he takes on three characters from Black Rock Shooter and, surprise, gets blasted yet again. In one of the worst decisions he’ll ever make, he tries to fist fight Batman and, as you’d expect, ends up in a harsh headlock.

The last clip of the bunch features Samus from Metroid in her Zero Suit, the cosplayer apparently a friend of Gak and one with some equally impressive moves. With some cool gunplay, melee combat, and a good amount of fancy flipping, she also makes short work of our… hero? I’m not sure whose side Gak is supposed to be on, but only a hero could provide such awesome entertainment and include a varied mix of cosplayed characters in the fun. Check out some more entertaining articles on cosplayed fun like these Geeky Costumed Weddings or an oustanding Chewbacca Costume.