Lenovo to Enter the Console Market with the iSec in China

Lenovo, known for its line of notebook computers, plans on entering the console market next year in China with a system called the iSec.

lenovo iSec gaming console

The iSec stands for “Sports Entertainment Center”, though one can’t help but feel that the makers might be jumping onto the craze of Apple’s ‘i’ named devices. At least it’s more creative than the console’s original rip off sounding name the “eBox”.

According to sources, a Beijing based company called “eedoo”, which was orignally a branch of Lenovo, will be developing the console on behalf of the computer maker. The console will retail for 3000 yuan, or the rough equivalent of $470, not too bad for a console release.

The current generation of console gaming systems are forbidden in China, though not unheard of. Most Chinese gamers have to go to out of the way businesses or the black market in order to get their hands on a modern gaming console.

The makers of the iSec, due to the console being produced inside of China, are hoping that they will be able to navigate around the ban and gain control of the local market. If successful, it is entirely possible that this console might try to make it’s way to the rest of the world’s markets. Lenovo hinted that if it hits over a million sales, it would look into doing this. However, with already well secured gaming franchises and consoles it would be a tough sell.

Design wise, the console looks curiously similar to Sony’s Playstation 3, and is said to be sporting peripherals that are similar to both Microsoft’s Kinect and the Nintendo Wii’s motion control remotes. It honestly looks like the makers were hoping to combine the best features of all three of our current consoles into a single home entertainment center.

One noticeable difference will be the device inclusion of a built in feature that allows users to perform karaoke numbers and sing songs without requiring extra accessories or programs.

Games for the system are largely being developed in China by partner companies, but will also feature titles by American and European designers. Several sports games, as well as some light MMO style games are planned for release when the system ships at some point in 2012.

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