Star Wars Fan’s Incredible Homemade Chewbacca Costume

It’s hard not to like Chewbacca, the growling, furry companion of Han Solo in the Star Wars films. It’s also incredibly difficult to cosplay as Chewie, but this man has made it work. “Dougie Fett” decided to design an accurate Chewbacca costume, something more true to the actual films than the sort of costume you might find at a Halloween shop. Naturally, this involves including stilts of some kind to add the necessary height, but Fett has that covered.

You can see him showing off the Chewbacca feet he crafted and they’re created with what looks to be 10 inches of lift, give or take. Not only do they add plenty of height for the true Wookiee experience, they also makes him look like the strangest disco club-goer ever when he wears them without the full costume. The look is incredible, and you can see in one of the close-ups that the fur is attached to a sort of mesh frame in small clumps, allowing it to look more layered and realistic, quite possibly the same effect used by the designers of the original Chewbacca costume. The mix of brown and gray fur also adds to the look, since many Chewbacca costumes I’ve seen tend to just focus on brown, forgetting that the shaggy Wookiee is more colorful than he seems.

Wookiee Costume in Progress

The mask, too, is insane in its accuracy. Sure, the “un-furred” versions of it are a bit nightmare-inducing, but the final version is very true to form. It has to be insanely difficult, if not impossible, to really master the original costume, but this creation comes surprisingly close. If this Chewbacca were strolling across a comic or sci-fi convention floor, it would be easy to assume that original actor Peter Mayhew is walking around inside it or that it’s part of something official by LucasArts. Instead, it’s just one very crafty and dedicated fan flaunting his amazing creation. For other incredible Star Wars costumes, make sure to let your jaw drop at the sight of this Wampa Costume or this Boba Fett.