World’s Largest Balloon Sculpture: 45 Foot Wide Spider

We all used to love getting balloon animals when we were kids, and some of us still go to Red Robin for that simple joy of paying the man a dollar to make a sculpture of your choice.  Adam Lee shares this pleasure, and has adapted it into a skill that has earned him the Guinnes World Record for the “largest balloon sculpture.”  Adam has created a 45 foot wide, 22 foot long spider made out of around 3,000 balloons!  Below you can see his creation on display at the Grand Mound in Washington, which took the artist an incredible 60 hours to create.  Two and a half straight days of hardcore ballooning?  Almost as crazy as 6 months and 30,000 pieces of Lego bits.

world's largest balloon sculpture

This is an amazing creation, and you can begin to understand just how huge the spider is when you compare it to the relatively tiny Adam Lee.  Just a thought for next time: don’t show off the world’s largest balloon sculpture in a room filled with spiky antler chandeliers.

Congrats to Adam on his new World Record, and we at Walyou pose the challenge to aspiring balloon artists: can you beat it?  After you manage to make a larger sculpture, (a caterpillar with fangs?), what are you going to do with it?  Buy a garage and pay monthly rent to store it there?  The fate of every balloon artist is a sad one that involves popping their epic creations, or letting them slowly deflate into a disheveled mess of wrinkled rubber.

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