The HiRise adds a touch of usability and class to iOS stands

We’ve all seen the many colors and shapes of iOS stands over the years, but they all seemed lacking in some shape or form. A problem remedied by the HiRise.


While many of the other stands either looked pretty but did nothing else, or had a million cool functions but simply looked like the spawn of a Swiss army knife, the beautiful merging of practical and beautiful finally brings us a stand befitting of the simple and elegant look of the iOS devices. The HiRise isn’t just a place you put your iPhone or iPad mini, it’s also a charging station with adjustable height. With none of your essentials being covered by the stand itself, you can access your power and volume buttons and your headphone jack, and you don’t even need to remove your case to slap it on. Simple and efficient, the same motto that drives the iOS brand forward.


What’s more, the stand supports all lightning cables so regardless of your iPhone or iPad mini’s generation, you can rest assured that it’ll work effortlessly in both past and future. No need to switch your entire accessory list over a new connector, so long as the standards remain the same. While the $34.99 price tag may seem a little heavy for a stand, it’s by no means unreasonable (considering the price of apple accessories anyway) given the wide range of features and practical applications this stand offers in the long run. No more slouching forward to watch a video while you work at your desk, fiddling around with your stand to get the headphone wire put in, or fighting with your desk to find a spot to put your device in. No hassle, no problem.

Source: Lifehacker

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