10 Magnificent Mouse Designs

Do looks matter? Human beings care too much about their looks and looks of anything that has impact on them. For example the pet of the famous singer Britney spears gets all the attention of the singer. She used to dress her pet differently every time she was out. Alas, people do care about the looks of their computer, laptops, mobile phones and others accessories they use or carry often. This interest of humans has encouraged companies to introduce various accessories of different shapes and sizes.

In this write up we are going to go through a series of mouse designs which will rock your imagination.

Kinesis DXT Mouse

The DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse is a compact ergonomic mouse which has been expertly designed by a team of leading UK physiotherapists and ergonomists. The DXT precision mouse promotes a neutral wrist posture while allowing the hand to work in the precision grip. It is the only compact ambidextrous ergonomic mouse that has been designed to use the precision movements of the hand.

Elecom Orime Mouse

This creation from Elecom is inspired by Japanese art of paper folding, origami. Elecom Nendo Orime is the result of collaboration between the designers Oki Sato Elecom that shaded the house Nendo design. Presented with a shape that resembles a folded paper, making this mouse looks stiff but has a distinctive artistic impression. This mouse also comes with 5 buttons and is equipped with Bluetooth technology that makes it look neat and free cable.

Nexus SM-8000

The Nexus SM-8000 Silent Mouse might be the quietest mouse ever. Even with five very click-able buttons, it stays perfectly silent. According to Nexus Technology’s CEO, Michael van der Jagt, it is a great relief to get rid of the useless sound of the mouse.

Celluon evoMouse

The evoMouse works on nearly any flat surface and requires very little space. It tracks effortlessly to your comfortable and natural movements. With the evoMouse, you can perform common mouse operations using only your fingers. The evoMouse also offers multi-touch functionality including scroll, rotate, zoom, forward and back. The evoMouse can even be used for handwriting recognition with your finger or a pen. It connects via Bluetooth or a standard USB port to any desktop or laptop computer.

Elecom Oppopet

The Elecom Oppopet mouse truly looks like a mouse since the wireless receiver plugs into the back of the mouse for storage and makes it look like a tail. There are a variety animal tails to choose from. You like a fox, dog, dolphin, cat, pig, squirrel, chameleon and rabbit – it’s all available. To use the mouse, just remove the tail and plug it into your computer’s USB port, turn on the mouse, and it’s ready. This mouse has 1,000dpi and a range of up to 3m. It’s powered by one AAA battery.

Canon X Mark I Lite

The wireless X Mark I Mouse is both stylish and multifunctional; doing triple duty as a numeric keypad. Partially developed from recycled Canon materials, the X Mark mouse is sleek and sophisticated, with Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, and PC-style keys.

Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mouse

This mouse looks like a hi-end measurement tool. It has so many knobs and rules and adjustments! On the tech side, it has zero latency, which is crucial when gaming. It comes with a wireless/recharge dock and 2 lithium-ion batteries, making it easy to play with one, while charging the other; when you run out of juice, simply exchange batteries and you are ready to go. It comes with multiple customizable plates, buttons and rest to provide the best gaming experience.

Elecom Rinkak

The rinkak mouse has been designed on the theme rinkaku, a Japanese word meaning “contour,” focusing on the idea that the contour is the boundary that separates a form from its background or other forms. On the white mouse body, a line is depicted in the same color as the cable, forming the contour of the mouse. This innovative design makes it look as if the cable has sprouted from the PC, freely drawing the contour of the mouse body just like a pencil. Furthermore, the unique design succeeds in changing the annoying mouse cable, which has always been a minor part of the product, to a major part. The mouse also incorporates many other creative design ideas, for example the slim scroll wheel in the same color as the cable, reinforcing the sense of unity; and the original collaboration logo featured on mouse body and connector.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

The paint finish is a flat matte so when using the mouse for long periods of time the surface doesn’t get smudged or oily. There is a laser etched pattern on the mouse which indicates where the touch sensor is. This provides subtle texture for the fingers to glide across and sense when a gesture will be recognized or when it won’t. Another obvious feature in the design of the mouse is a slit going down the center. This was a feature added by Microsoft after user testing when people felt “lost” without one.

Razer’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Mouse

Besides the sharp angles and color LED lighting distinguishing these gamer peripherals from their more staid input device brethren, the special edition keyboard sports a LCD track panel with built-in multi-touch and programmable tactile keys for easy macros access. A matching mouse has even more programmable options, practically a keyboard itself, with the majority of the 17 buttons situated on the thumb-side for quick player access. This mouse also receives the LED treatment with a dedicated charging dock and even switch out panels to customize according to which faction you represent in the game.