Megatron and the Decepticons Cook Energon Cubes

Building one’s culinary skills is not what one expects to be on a geek’s priority list, but once you take a look at this cool video by Epic Meal times, you might change your mind.

The latest video features a parody in which Megatron and the Decepticons cook Energon cubes in a Gangsta way. The ingredients might take you off guard, and the bottle of Jack Daniels that goes straight into the meal churner would not only make you guffaw but also will inspire you to secretly start taking cooking classes. The video involves the trons mixing metals, toxic chemicals and other ingredients to create Energon cubes, widely featured in Transformer Megatron series. If science and technology continues to develop the way it is now, a post-apocalyptic scene that is usually the standard fare of sci-fi novels and comics may not be very far from the truth.

The parody seems to suggest that if one continues to let technology overpower humans, they might end up degrading environment to the point that there would be nothing left to eat except chemicals, metals and an occasional bottle of whiskey. Of course, that is one way of looking at it, and the other way is to look it from a Megatron fan’s perspective. This video makes cooking look cool, and would inspire geeks and nerds to go straight to the kitchen and think what they could mix and concoct. Megatron and other robotic characters have inspired many artists to create post-apocalyptic art pieces.

For instance, the 8 Scrap Metal Transformer Statues in China seem to suggest that if one does not take environmental waste seriously, they might end up living amidst a heap of scrap metal and used electronic parts. The solution that the artists give is to use electronic waste and turn it into pieces of art, and use the money that the art pieces earn to save the planet. We had also featured the Megatron Transformer Tank, which is slightly less heavy, when it comes to piquing the green activist in you.  You could also take a look at 17 Transformers Costume Ideas, which can be used during Halloween.