15 Cool Coasters for Geeks

Geeky mats, furniture, fashion, clocks and what not? So, here is a list of geeky coasters. They are distinct, unique and yet geeky. Pick out the one that suits you the most and run to the store- get geeky at the bottom line!

1. Recycled Motherboard Coasters

Since this article is about geeky coasters, this coaster should be definitely on top of the list. This recycled-motherboard coaster is the geekiest coaster that you will find with a tint of hope- it is based on recycling of the high-growing e-waste. Coming in a set of six, they are available for $12.99, and quite impressive to the geek as well as the environmentalist!

2. Adobe CS3 Icons Coasters

These colorful Abode CS3 icons are cool and geeky. Coming in a pack of six, these coasters are vibrant and distinct. For computer geeks, the design is too familiar; but for others, it might look like mismatched letters. Whatever, the end product is simply too lively to go unnoticed!

3. RSS Icon Coasters

One more RSS icon inspired item to keep going your obsession with the lot. Available in a set of 16, the color pattern is in thought with the commonly seen RSS icons. Tagged at $60, give deep thought before you bye the coasters- after all coasters work as coasters alone and not as RSS icons in real!

4. Math Symbols Coasters

Math symbol coaster might be a nightmare for your child; especially if he/she hates mathematics. Left alone that one fact, the coaster is a perfect match for any table, any place. Available in varied colors and the light-weight design makes these handy and easy-to-clean. A set of these coasters are available for $22.

5. Ctrl Alt Del and Esc Coasters

Taking inspiration from the keyboard, here is a set of geeky coasters that include the delete, escape, alt and clear keys. Made of fabric, and simple and easy in design, these coasters are available for $10.

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6. Floppy Disk Coasters

A few years now, you may get an iPhone coaster; but, for now let us be content with these floppy disk coasters. The coasters are not that dull colored as the original ones; coming In vibrant colors, they perform not simply as mere coasters- but as reminders of yesterday’s technology. A set of six of these geeky coasters are available for about $40.

floppy disk coaster design image geeks

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7. ‘Symbols’ Coasters

Truly tech-coasters, these handcrafted coasters are perfect for your office cubicle. Made of hardwood plywood, cork and other long lasting materials, it is a sure buy for those geeks who want value for money. The set includes symbols from the keyboard, roman numerals and even fonts like Gill Sans and Courier New Bold.

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8. Pacman Coasters

The geeky pacman coaster is for all the undying lovers of the good-old pacman. Made of perler beads and measuring around 3”x3”, it comes with a 3D box serving as storage house. Featuring the Atari retro Pacman and the evil Blue Ghosts, the set of six coasters are tagged at $22.

9. Star Wars Coasters

Not just for the geeks, here is the Star Wars inspired coaster. Made of perler beads and in a rare and classy color combination, these coasters will be perfect whether at home or office.

10. Tetris Coasters

Anyone who knows the Tetris game would need no further explanation on these coasters. Made of perler beads and available in slightly different patterns, a set of four of these cool coasters are tagged at about $12. The set comes in a nice box which is also made of perler beads.

11. Space Invaders Coaster

When every single game and cartoon is inspiring coasters, why not the Space Invaders? These geeky coasters with their pixilated look and cool color are sure to give a “space invaders” atmosphere to your place. They are available for $ 50 as a set of six.

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12. Handcrafted Star-Trek Coaster

Acrylic, wood, plastic- all these have adorned your tables as coasters. But what if the list includes a natural stone coaster; that is hand-crafted? Well, this star-trek inspired coaster is the one! Unique in texture and finish, this set of four coasters is designed to perfection. This piece of art is sure to look great anywhere- whether your office or home.

13. Another Pacman Coaster

The 30th anniversary of pacman is no small deal! With pacman wine glasses and coasters, pacman fans around the globe are celebrating it. The coasters look rugged and different- yet sure to convey all the love for pacman. With a price tag of $58, the whole set including the pacman wine glasses are to be out the next month. I am left wondering, what actually is the connection between wine and pacman!

14. iPhone Apps Made of Stone

iphone apps stone coasters image collection

Amazingly beautiful iPhone Apps coasters that were made out of Italian Stone and may be a bit heavier to carry than regular iPhone Apps we love so much.

15. Farmville Coasters

farmville coasters design image thumbs

Fans of the Farmville Facebook app would simply adore these Farmville Coasters, which bring the patch of land straight to your coffee table.