17 Starship Enterprise Remakes for a Trekkie

    Star Trek has kept geeks entertained since 1966 and with it, the Starship Enterprise has probably become one of the most famous ships that ever surfaced (besides the Millennium Falcon). Since the Enterprise is so popular (with the different versions), it has kept surfacing around the web in so many different ways, designs and findings, making so many Trekkies excited with glee.

    This time we have gathered 17 Starship Enterprise remakes that vary from actual gadgets, designs, art and more and are a perfect fit for the Star Trek Geek.

    Lego Enterprise

    starship enterprise lego design image

    This beautiful Lego set includes a Lego Starship Enterprise among other ships that were featured in the TV Series and Star Trek movies. Besides being a fan, the creator was really handy with the Lego bricks.

    starship enterprise lego image

    The second is a bit more colorful but still makes a Trekkie proud.


    Enterprise Meat Sculpture

    starship enterprise meat sculpture image

    Geeks will use any material they can to resurrect the Enterprise. In this particular case, some Trekkie has built an Enterprise Meat Sculpture using sausage and toothpicks.

    Starship Enterprise LED DIY

    starship enterprise led diy image

    A cool homemade project of the LED Enterprise brings the famous Starship as a miniature creation with bright lights getting the highlight.

    Enterprise Office DIY

    starship enterprise office diy image

    This Office Enterprise remake must have been created by an office trekkie who instead of doing their work and returning emails, decided that better use of their time would be to use office inventory to build the Enterprise.

    Animated Star Trek Lamp

    starship enterprise lamp image

    What a wonderful accessory for a Star Trek geek who doesn’t only get a cool desk lamp but an actual Animated Star Trek Lamp that features the Starship Enterprise.

    Starship Enterprise Dog Costume

    starship enterprise costume for dogs

    This remake is not necessarily just for Halloween, but provides a creative way to get a quick laugh and also embarrass your pets. The Starship Enterprise Dog Costume is not found in any stores and shows the the resourcefulness of a partying Trekkie.


    Enterprise RC Airplane

    starship enterprise rc airplane image

    Some Star Trek fans do not only present their creativity but also their ingenuity. This specific RC Enterprise Plane is an amazing feat and shows how well it works right in the video below.

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnfICRc0Jz0&feature=player_embedded


    Star Trek Cuff Links

    starship enterprise cufflinks set image

    This set of cuff links include the Starship Enterprise and also the Star Trek emblem, for a perfect choice for a geek ready to paint the town (or basement).


    Starship Enterprise Floppy Disk Model

    starship enterprise floppy disk diy image

    If you are an old school geek, then you probably remember the old Floppy disks we used to use. Well, a certain geek was able to make a miniature Starship Enterprise out of such a disk, and the result is absolutely amazing. If you want to make your own, the video below shows you how.

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B42ZG8-zr-Q&feature=player_embedded


    Star Trek Enterprise Chandelier

    starship enterprise chandellier light

    For additional class and lighting in your home, any Star Trek geek could get their hands on the Enterprise Chandelier which is classy, elegant and absolutely geeky.


    1 Billionth Scale Enterprise

    starship enterprise nano scale image

    The Enterprise model we see here is made of phenanthrene gas and measures 8.8 microns long (1 micron = 1,000th of a millimeter). It may not be a practical model, but shows Star Trek is found in Science labs as well.


    Starship Enterprise Webcam

    starship enterprise webcam image

    With the Starship Enterprise Webcams, Trekkies do not only have the ability to chat with other Star Trek geeks but do so by staring at the Enterprise the entire time. It could definitely get people to look you in the eyes when video chatting.


    Enterprise Record Player

    starship enterprise record player image

    I am not sure how many geeks still own records, let alone know what they are, but this Enterprise Record player may bring retro back. Still, besides being a truly geeky memorabilia, probably the Star Trek fans who were adults when it first started would appreciate such a music player.


    Starship Enterprise Cakes

    starship enterprise cake design image

    There isn’t a better way for a Star Trek geek to celebrate their birthday or another special occasion then with an Enterprise cake. These two show a regular cake and a gingerbread cake…both with massive frosting to keep geeks fueled.

    starship enterprise gingerbread cake design image

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    Enterprise Bottle Opener

    starship enterprise bottle opener image

    It may be that Trekkies are also in need for a drink, or perhaps a geek would like to have a Starship Enterprise Bottle Opener to be able and assist a damsel in distress. Whatever the reason, it is still a great gadget for Star Trek fans that utilizes the shape for a practical device.