19 Stained Glass Window Designs for the Perfect Geek Mansion

Since its creation thousands of years ago, stained glass – glass that has been colored by adding metallic salts during its manufacture – has always been associated with churches and other important buildings. But in an era where science fiction is a religion and video game is a reason to live for many geeks, artists have taken a bold step, bringing stained glass into their geeky creations. Check out Walyou’s list of 19 geeky stained glass window designs for ideas to turn your home into a wonderful church of geek.

AutobotWonko’s Transformers Stained Glass




27 year old AutobotWonko proved to be an ultimate Transformers fan when he created a series of artworks out of stained glass dedicated to Transformers characters including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Shockwave, Galvatron etc. The bodies of geometrical shapes make those robots fit beautifully in stained glass.

Optimus Prime Stained Glass


The respected leader of Autobots appears more powerful and divine than ever with a cane in his hand and a halo around his head in this Optimus Prime stained glass artwork. It’s unclear whether it’s a real work or just a photoshop rendition, it still does an amazing job to bring out Optimus Prime at its best.

Star Wars Stained Glass


Via: GeekyGlass

Star Wars is one of the greatest franchises of all time, and this beautiful stained glass is a testimonial of how much people love it, even worship it. Handmade by GeekyGlass using the traditional tiffany copper foil method, the image shows Luke Skwalker fighting with Darth Vader in the background. May the Force be with him!

Darth Vader Stained Glass


Via: Star Wars Blog

Paul Souders always dreamed of having a Darth Vader stained glass when he was a kid, and he made his dream come true. His drawing makes Darth Vader look less like a saint and more like a murder as the lightsaber somehow looks like a sword covered in blood. The piece of art also comes with a beautiful story, if you are in mood for something long and touchy-feely.

Stormtrooper Strained Glass


Via: Yessy

Whether you support the Sith or the Jedi, you must love Stormtrooper. A picture of the fearless soldier on your stained glass window is exactly what you need to show off your love for Star Wars.

USS Enterprise Stained Glass


Via: Free Stained Glass Patterns

The USS Enterprise was the focal point of the legendary series Star Trek, and is now the focal point of geeky stained glass art. If you are a crazy Star Trek fan, you can always find the free pattern here to make one of your own.

Spiderman Stained Glass


Via: Chris Roth

Spiderman has crawled up your window for a new mission: to make your window a real window of a geek dent! You don’t have to be a fan of Spider to appreciate the work.

Batman Stained Glass


Via: Freaking News

One more superhero glass and we have a trend here. The stained glass rendition of the hero of Gotham night is a guarantee to keep all evils away from your house.

Thundercats Stained Glass


The cat-like heroes from the planet of Thundercats have been a big part of our childhood, so it’s not surprising that somebody decided to make Thundercats the theme of his house with a wonderful Thundercats logo on his stained glass window.

Master Chief Stained Glass


Via: Kotaku

It’s unclear whether Jacob’s Stained Glass of Buffalo New York received commission from Microsoft to created this amazing stained glass panel featuring Master Chief of Halo 3. $500 to satisfy the gamer in you might be a bit pricey, but you can put this piece on the window and impress a whole bunch of people.

Pyramid Head Stained Glass


Via: Geekadelphia

Watch out, Pyramid Head just jumped out of the horrifying Silent Hill video game and walked right into your house ready for his new victim. An image of this serial killer on your window is a guarantee to scare the shit out of any unwanted intruder.

Mushroom Power Up Stained Glass


Via: Technabob

The Mushroom Power Up stained glass is something that will give you extra strength to get out of the bed when you look at the light of day through it in the morning. Not only does it look super cute, it also reminds us our happy childhood memory playing Super Mario Bros.

Kong Mario Stained Glass


Via: Mosaic Geek

Mario isn’t there to eat up the Mushroom Power Up because he’s caught up in Donkey Kong. Featuring Mario (or Jumpman as he is called in Donkey Kong), this panel measures 7″ x 5″ and is made of stained glass & colored mirror, grouted in medium-dark gray.

Pacman Stained Glass


Via: Jaime Burress

The Pacman stained glass panel is an ultra cute beveled mirror surrounded by fused glass, adhered to a wood base. Designed by and for Pacman fans, it features Pacman and Ms. Pacman together with 4 ghosts: Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.

Mega Man Stained Glass


Via: Gary in Cleveland

It’d be unfair if Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Pacman are here and Mega Man was forgotten.

Arcade Stained Glass


Via: Gear Fuse

And of course we need an awesome arcade to play all those games. Ground Kontrol in Portland, Oregon features an impressive stained-glass window inspired by the classic arcade game Dig-Dug in stained glass along one wall.

NES Stained Glass


Via: Geek Stained Glass

Jess from Geek Stained Glass has the most unique way to celebrate the 25th birthday of NES: he made a NES controller out of stained glass.