Wall-E Inspired Case Mod

Wall-E is an amazing movie about a little robot that is left alone in a world that has been over-run with garbage, leaving little to no part of Earth livable. Creator Thechoozen has crafted a neat and functioning Wall-E that functions as a computer!

This little creation is an awesome piece of work, built completely from scratch. The robot features a mini-ITX computer on the inside, as well as a few servos, an adrino, and some recycled RC parts that the creator has used in order to give the robot some motion! Wall-E is one of my favorite recent movies, and after seeing a few other Wall-E inspired cases in the past like this, I love the fact that this one actually moves!

Viewing all of the pictures, it is evident how much work the creator has put into this creation already, and it’s not even completely done yet! Right now, the creator has left off showing users how he recently has taken two webcams and implanted them into the eyes. He does this in the hopes that he will be able to create a 3D output of what Wall-E is seeing. These “eyes” aren’t the only cool thing about this robot, as it features a fully-functional front panel made from an old smart phone, displaying the original Wall-E  front display and can also play sound files.

The amount of work with this piece is incredidble, and it will be great to continue to watch the production of the piece as a whole. To see all of the pictures, some videos from the testing processes, as well as follow the development process, head over to the ever developing forum post on the Bit-Tech website.

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Via: Makezine