25 Thoroughly Terrific Thundercats Gadgets, Designs and Toys

The adventures of the cat-like humanoid aliens from the planet of Thundera used to be such a big part of kids in 80s and early 90s that die-hard fans nowadays still keep a dear memory of them. These 25 awesome Thundercats gadgets, designs and toys below will let us again live the best time of our childhood where we would sit patiently and excitedly waiting for the series. Thundercats – HO!

Thundercats Stained Glass Artwork and Wood Carving


Via: Walyou

A prominent Thundercats stained glass and wood carving on the window is the best warning of a geeks’ dent that all superhero inspired geeks would die to put their feet in.

Thundercats on British Houses of Parliament


Via: Curbly

When Britain and government come together, there is only thing that can save the day: Thundercats. A beautiful Thundercats logo projected British Houses of Parliament is the best politics related work you have ever seen.



Via: Brothers Brick

Nothing is cool enough until Lego joins in. Tim has come up with such a wonderful Lego creation that will definitely provoke fear among the evil Mutants. The ThunderPod comes with the claws, the mouth and all other cool details. The engine pods can even retract and attach to the body.

Lego Thundertank


Via: DeviantArt

Devianart user franchii-manchii created an ultra cool Thundertank, clearly inspired by the series Thundercats, out of Lego pieces. It works just like the real one: the head lifts up, the mouth and the claws open to expose guns. The rear compartment even comes with a large cannon with censors.

Thundercats Embroidered Seat Covers


Via: Sweet Ass Seats

Ride in style with the Thundercats embroidered seat covers! Designed for Suzuki GSXR 600/750, the black crocodile seat covers are customized with beautiful Thundercat Lightning Blue embroidery.

Thundercats Sword of Omens Concept


Via: Walyou

Getting their hands on the Sword of Omens is every Thundercats fan’s dream. Fahd Sadiq, a designer from Lahore in Pakistan has gone even further to create his own. The 3D rendition of the legendary sword is simply brilliant.

Thundercats Pack


Via: Epic Games

This is all-in-one Thundercats pack that will guarantee to satisfy the most hunger Thundercats fans. It comes with the mysterious Thundercats’ dent, all the characters both good and evil, together with the famous Thundertank.

Thundercats Air Force Ones


Via: Custom Snkr

A pair of Thundercats Air Force Ones will not give you the power to travel between the stars like our Thundercats heroes, but it will definitely help you score over either your geeky peers or your crush.

Thundercats Xbox 360 Paintjob


Via: Walyou

A masterpiece paintjob has brought together the legendary animated series and the addictive game console to create this amazing Thundercats Xbox 360 that looks classic and sleek at the same time.

Thundercats Cake


Via: Walyou

It must have taken JadedFallenOne a lot of time and effort to make this mouth watering Thundercats cake. Based on the popular show, the cake centers on the powerful sword of omens with Lion-O and Tygra on the sides protecting it. She even made a bunch of Thundercats chocolates to match with it.

Thundercats Computer Case


Via: Tech Powerup

Papasmurf183 found a wonderful way to power up a salvaged computer case: to turn it into an beautiful Thundercats case.  The process, of course, is much more complicated than it sounds with all the cutouts, coating and painting, but the end result is totally worth the effort.

Thundercats Etched Shot Glass


Via: Etsy

Given the exciting childhood memories Thundercats  brings about, everything will taste better in this Thundercats etched shot glass. It also works beautifully as a candle holder if you are not the drinking type.

Thundercats Guitar


Via: Webshots

Even though there is no scientific researches to prove that Thundercats’ super power will improve your guitar skill, the presence of your hero will definitely boost your confidence on the stage. Thundercats guitar rocks!

Thundercats Lion-o Resin Statue


Via: Walyou

No wonder why we haven’t seen the young Lord Lion-O on TV recently. He has jumped out of the series to take a place on your desk in the form of a polyresin statue, ready to pounce on his enemy, with his famous Sword of Omen on his right hand and the stylish claw glove on his left hand.

Thundercats Jackalman Statue


Via: Ugo

But the good versus evil battle doesn’t end here. Lion-O’s enemy – the humanoid jackal – followed our hero to your desk. The Jackalman statue is no less fierce as the evil Mutant is ready to fight back anytime.

Thundercats Mumm-Ra Statue


Via: Ugo

The evil side is reinforced with the presence of Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living. The super villain preserves all his wickedness with the pre-transformation hooded red robe and the loyal dog Ma-Mutt.

Thundercats Fisher Price Little People



Via: Quinnarama

Everything is cuter when it’s smaller, and it’s true even with Thundercats people. Quinnarama, with all his/her greatness, has made an adorable bunch of characters from the first season of Thundercats out of salt clay. There are Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wily-Kit, Wily-Kat, Snarf, and even the evil Mumm-ra.

LEGO Lion-O Minifig


Via: DeviantArt

Mace2006 made a bunch of Thundercats minifig, and Lion-O minifig is the first one of them. According to him, he had to order his own design from Fine Clonier Decals while the rest are standard LEGO parts and a Brickforge sword.

Thundercats Bead Sprites


Via: Flickr

Serena Azureth must be the dream friend of any geeks since she doesn’t mind putting a lot of effort into making Bead Sprites of Thundercats characters including Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro , Mumm-Ra, Cheetara, and Pumyra to give her friend as a Christmas gift.

Thundercats Lion-O Little Pony


Via: Walyou

Loyal fans of Lion-O, do take a look at the Lion-O pony before freaking out about the idea of making a pony out of your respected Lord. It actually looks cute, and your hero now has a little pony to ride when the Thundertank runs out of gas.

Thundercats Costume


Even though the costume doesn’t look very comfortable, I wouldn’t mind wearing it all day to show off with my friends. It’s pretty authentic with the hair, the claw glove and the Sword of Omens.

Lion-O Tattoo


Via: Freshly Inked Mag

Brandi Bruce proved to be a crazy fan with style of Thundercats when he got an amazing Lion-O tattoo on his body. The superhero is beautifully depicted with the signature claw glove and the powerful Sword of Omens.

Custom Thundercats Logo Tattoo


Via: DeviantArt

No matter how big a Thundercats fan you are, you might want to think twice before spending 4 hours to get this custom Thundercats logo tattoo permanently on your body. Things don’t get scarier than this.

Thundercats Lion-o Plush Doll


Via: Walyou

Thundercats is not only for boys. The series’ fangirls will definitely love this extremely cute Thundercats Lion-O plush doll that shows Lion-o in his courageous style and yet still as wild as ever.

Thundercats Earrings


Via:  Etsy

Chic and geek at the same time, a beautiful pair of Thundercats earrings is a brownie points guarantee for any geek girls.

Thundercats Xbox 360 Paintjob

Thundercats Xbox 360 Paintjob