7 Keyrings That Rival Batman’s Utility Belt

Had Batman’s utility belt been available for sale, the following 7 keychain accessories would have given it a run for its money.

Bushnell BackTrack Point-3: Keychain GPS for Tracking Villains

Most if not all smartphones manufactured today come with GPS sensors and navigation software, but when using such features, the battery drains out very quickly. Bushnell BackTrack Point-3 proves to be very useful in such situations. It may not come with maps, but for basic navigation, this keychain GPS is ideal.  Bushnell BackTrack Point-3 runs on AAA batteries, so as long as you have a few of these handy, you will be able to stay on the right path. In addition, this weatherproof GPS unit stores and tracks 3 locations and includes a fastening ring for attaching it to the keychain. At $45,  Bushnell BackTrack Point-3  is not only one of the most reliable keychain GPS units, but also one of the most affordable ones.

FireStash Waterproof Lighter: Light Fire in Extreme Conditions

You already know probably that rain renders matchsticks and many lighters useless. The same thing happens if a villain drives you into a lake, in an attempt to get rid of you. The FireStash waterproof keychain lighter may be your only hope in such extreme events, so keep one close. After unscrewing the zinc alloy capsule that protects this item from water, you will get access to the lighter that is not only very reliable, but also refillable. The neoprene “O” ring that’s found around the thread also contributes to the waterproofness of this lighter. The FireStash waterproof lighter will only cost you $11, which is a very convenient price for such a great product.

Four Inch Keychain Gun: Miniaturized Self Defense Weapon

The four inch keychain gun is more of an off-the-record product, since it cannot be purchased legally. However, if you are like Batman, you will obtain the schematics and convince your Lucius Fox to do a replica of it. This gun seems to be rather popular in Eastern Europe and Britain, but it should be noted that it was brought to the public’s attention after someone was deadly wounded in a night club shooting. Twisting the ring cocks this gun, which is inspired from pocket mini flare guns. Considering the length of the barrel and of the two bullets (0.25 inch), it is obvious that from a distance, the four inch mini gun is far from being accurate. Still, when used in closed encounters, it may be deadly, as previously mentioned.

Gerber Artifact: The Minimalist Key Ring Tool

Gerber Artifact is one of the most simplistically designed multi-tools, but it packs so many functions that it could not miss from this list. It includes the following

  •  2 flathead screwdrivers
  • Bottle opener
  • Knife
  • Lanyard
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Pry bar
  • Wire stripper

With so many things included, many will say that at $9.99, Gerber Artifact is ridiculously priced. Mind you, the #11 hobby knife blade is replaceable, in case it wears out in time.

Photon ReX Rechargeable LED Flashlight: Convenient Light Source

Having a light source at hand is always very important. Having one that recharges from AA or D cell batteries is even better. Flashlight manufacturers gave up on regular bulbs and turned their attention to LEDs, since these provide better light and consume less energy. The Photon ReX Rechargeable LED flashlight ticks both of the above aspects. At $29.95, this particular flashlight may come off as expensive, but the manufacturer recommends using rechargeable AA or D batteries instead of alkaline ones, fact that might make the product rather convenient in the long run.  Photon ReX Rechargeable LED flashlight only includes 4 LEDs, so do not expect headlight performance from it, but it certainly is better than no light source at all. The white part of the flashlight will blink while charging, and at the end of the process, it will go off. A full charge provides up to 45 minutes of continuous use. This flashlight is not only useful for lighting the way, but also for signaling and Morse code,  as it features 4 safety beacons: slow, medium, fast and SOS.

Swiss+Tech BodyGard: The Ultimate Multitool

Swiss+Tech BodyGard (no, that is not a typo, that is how they named it) Platinum Series emergency tool may as well be the best multitool I have ever seen. It comes with:

  • Automatic Glass Breaker
  •  Digital Tire Gauge
  •  Flashing Red Emergency Flasher
  • LED Flashlight w/ High and Low Beam
  • Safety-Blade Seat Belt Cutter
  • Sonic Alarm
  • Thermometer

This keychain accessory is powered by a A23/12V battery, comes with a lifetime warranty and costs only $29.99, which is a derisory price for such a great product that could save your life in more than one apocalyptic scenario.

Swiss+Tech Transformer Micro-Wrench: For Plumbing Superheroes

Last, but certainly not least, there is yet another Swiss+Tech 7-in-1 multitool. What makes this particular item stand out is the included micro-wrench, actually the first one to be seen in a multitool. Besides the micro-wrench, this valuable device also includes:

  • 2-LED Flashlight
  • 2-LED Worklight
  • Bottle Opener
  • Inches Ruler
  • mm Ruler
  • Scissors

The micro-wrench can accommodate bolts up to 12 mm in diameter. Not much, you may think, but it’s certainly better than nothing at all. This particular multitool is available for $14.99, and while it may not help very much when fighting villains, it surely is an unusual key ring accessory.

The above key ring accessories may not turn you into a superhero, but they surely prove useful in emergency situations, so make sure you keep one or all of them at hand at all times.

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