Ignite Your Jedi Fever with Talking Star Wars Keychains

Although the original Star Wars trilogy has departed from the big screen for a while, the spirit is still alive through much memorabilia and other forms of media, namely books and comics.

I remember when I was a kid, Star Wars: Episode I just came out. I got the chance to watch it on the big screen, and boy was I fascinated. When I saw talking Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon action figures with chips that carried some of their quotes, I pleaded my mother to let me buy both of them. It was impossible to pick! If Zellers carried the Darth Maul action figure, you can bet your bottom dollar I would have begged for it too. Now, I was a naive child, so I didn’t know that I needed to buy an extra piece of hardware to stick the chip into to make them talk, but I had plenty of fun using them to fight against custom battle droids that I’d built using Lego pieces.

Yoda Key Chain

When I found out that Yoda and Darth Vader were going to be immortalized in key chain format, I didn’t really pay much attention. In fact, I was a bit saddened that people were still riding the Star Wars wave using little gimmicks like this. Then I did a double-take while reading the description on Yoda’s key chain: “This awesome talking plush key chain’s spoken phrases include Yoda’s trademark words of wisdom!”

A plush Yoda that talks exactly like him? This kind of creation brought me back to the memory of battling the non-speaking action figures against the battle droids. I think it’s a great idea, because key chains don’t do much these days. They come in a great variety, but with very little functionality. Of course, there are exceptions: my friend recently bought a Supreme key chain that flashes a funny message at people. I have a bottle opener that I got from a sentimentally-valuable event.

Darth Vader Key Chain

A talking Yoda or a breathing Darth Vader definitely surpasses those in my books, though. These plush key chains are 4″ in height, which means they are kind of tall to fit in a denim pocket, but there’s always that reliable trend of letting your key chain dangle out of your jean pocket to show them off. The plushie material means they wouldn’t be too uncomfortable even if you were to tuck them into your pocket.

If you need a decoration on your key chain, look no further than these key chains. If that’s not enough to satisfy your Star Wars needs, have a look at the Star Wars chess set or Star Wars steampunk art.

Via: Hot Topic