The Cost Of Being Iron Man [Infographic]

We have an interesting question today: what would you rather be? A millionaire or a super hero? What if we told you you can be both? Sometimes, all it takes to be a hero is money.


Avengers ended up being awesome beyond anyone’s expectations, and now with Iron Man 3 looming in the distant horizon, but getting closer with each passing day, it’s finally time to go back to the characters as individuals instead of the group. And no individual in the Marvel universe is as interesting as the multimillionaire Tony Stark, AKA, Iron Man. Have you ever wondered just how rich he is anyways? That’s what this infographic will try to answer.

Iron Man, as opposed to most heroes, doesn’t even have a secret identity to take care of, so both the hero and the human get to enjoy the perks of his deeds. Iron Man gets benefited from the work everyone does at Stark Industries, while Tony gets to use his armor to just show off. But that’s not the only thing he uses, though, you also have to factor the cars, houses, several prototypes, and what else. It’s quite a display of opulence, isn’t it?

So, being Iron Man would take about 1,6 billion dollars. Well, damn. As we mentioned in our other post, The Cost Of Being Batman [Infographic], we’ll keep hoping a radioactive spider bites us. That seems more likely than getting this rich.


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