15 Crazy Mousetraps

No matter how animal loving you are, nothing annoys you more than a mouse rustling in your house. Yet no matter how many times you have heard the phrases “build a better mousetrap”, the mousetrap design seems to never change and you can still imagine your resident mouse laughing hysterically every time it passes your old school mousetrap. There is no guarantee that these 15 crazy mousetraps we list here will work any better than the old boring mousetraps, but they will at least make your mouse question for a moment. If it’s curious enough, it might also even try.

Non-Lethal Mousetrap





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Roger Arquer is a soft hearted guy. He cannot stand to see even a rat being crushed under the conventional mousetrap. Thus he came up with a series of conceptual mousetraps which, according to him, are to catch and not to kill. His non-lethal mousetrap designs include Mouse in a Pint, Mouse in a Lightbulb, Mouse in a Planting Pot and Mouse in a Bottle.

Onedown Mousetrap


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Here is how Onedown works: the mousetrap rests precariously on the ground with the bait inside to lure the mouse in. When the mouse is inside, the weight of the rat will tip the trap and make it stand up. The mouse is trapped without any harm. This humane design earned Aakash Dewan 2010 IDEA Gold Winner Award.

Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mousetrap


While animal loving designers are trying to design injury-free mousetraps, Victor goes totally opposite direction with the terrifying promise: “Population annihilation in just one night — 100% kill rate guaranteed.” Victor Multi-Kill Electric mousetrap‘s high-voltage shock that will kill the mouse in 3 seconds. The poor mouse will then be automatically dumped into the collection drawer that can store up to 10 carcasses.

Coffee Table Mousetrap


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Auger-loizeau and Alex Zivanovic’s coffee table is an innovative piece of furniture that doubles as a mouse trap. The mousetrap table can detect the rodents in the infrared range, attract them towards a side opening in one leg and drop them into a microbial fuel cell located under the surface of the table.

Robotic Mousetrap

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With a complex series of solenoids, electronic control circuitry and a heavy-duty pneumatic actuator, this robotic mousetrap was designed by Jake Easton to detect and exterminate any wandering rat in sight.

Wireless Mousetrap



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Mathias Johansson’s wireless mousetrap is a hi-tech mousetrap that can catch the mouse without doing it any harm and immediately report which trap is closed on a web page. It features an infrared receiver, salvaged from a BoeBot, that is used to detect the presence of a guest to spring the trap.

Knitted Mousetrap


Via: Nicole Gastonguay

The knitted mousetrap looks so cozy and inviting that no mouse can refuse a warm hug from it, even though the cheese is not real. The mousetrap doesn’t seem to be very happy with what it is doing. Aww!

RIP Mousetrap


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This funny mousetrap does not only catch the mouse but also take care of the postmortem ceremony for the unlucky mouse. RIP, mouse! You have the deepest condolence from your biggest hater.

Mousetrap Light Switch


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Josselin Zaigouche cleverly uses the mousetrap concept to warn us about the negative effect that light overuse in particular and energy consumption in general has on the environment. Called “Switch Me”, the design will make us think twice whenever we switch on the light.

Mousetrap Pancake


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Sorry mouse, this ultra delicious mousetrap is not for you, but for a lucky folk to satisfy his wildest gastronomy fantasy. The pancake is shaped like a mousetrap with a mouse really trapped in it.

Artsy Mousetrap


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You might not notice it, but the Family Dollar store in your neighborhood is sometimes the best place to contemplate art. These mousetraps will definitely make awesome wall decoration when not in used.

Mousetrap PC


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Lost your mouse? Don’t worry, let’s catch a new one with this mousetrap, specially designed to mount on your PC touch pad.