Create 3D Products Easily With Your Vacuum Cleaner

3D printers introduce us to a new way of thinking. In the past, when we wanted to create something, we usually needed a factory to do it for us, since creating 3D products by ourselves was very complicated and expensive.

Today we live in a new world. One in which 3D printing has become more and more available, and today we are introducing a new and faster way to create 3D products. Meet FormBox, your very own factory box powered by your vacuum cleaner.


This factory box is a very smart and easy way for makers, designers and of course small business owners to create unique products. The guys over at mayku plan to change the way we think about how things are made. They believe that if you want to create something on your own, you should be able to do so it in the comfort of your home.

maykuformboxSo How Does it work?

Easier than you think:

With the FormBox you can easily start a production line from your dining room table. The FormBox is now available to Pre-Order on Kickstarter.

maykuformbox 2

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