10 Gadgets For Lazy People

The nature of work these days and the demand for multitasking leaves us needing help from our machine overlords. This need spills into leisure time at home as well, creating ideas for some incredible devices, that come in handy for people who rank among the laziest on planet earth.

10 Gadgets For Lazy People

Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder

gadgets for lazy people Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder

The perfect solution for the people who just can’t get away from their tablet or cellphone even for a minute. All you have to do is fill the pillow with air (although you’re probably too lazy to do that) and you’ve got something holding a screen in front of your face while you’re relaxing in the bath. You can get the Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder here.

Lazy Bed Glasses



Lazy Bed Glasses gadgets

For those who love to read a book or watch TV while they’re in bed, the difficulty of finding the right position is well known. That’s what the lazy bed glasses are made for: Lying flat on your back and still being able to read and watch TV. You can Purchase the lazy bed glasses here.

Ice Cube Vest

cooling vest ice cube tray lazy gadgets

More efficient than lazy, the ice cube vest is pretty much your own walking cooling system for your body, with a 96 cube count providing cooling power to the front and back of vest. Buy the ice cube vest.

Feet Hammock

lazy gadget Foot Hammock

Just sitting down and having our feet planted to floor, or maybe even crossed, is no longer enough. While we’re working, our feet need a little vacation under the table. Get them the FUUT feet hammock to make them feel special.

Sleeping Desk Workstation

sleeping-desk-station-gadgets for lazy peopleVery similar to the lazy glasses, the sleeping desk workstation means people who work from home don’t even have to leave the bed. So if you’re married or happen to be a parent, forget about your family life surviving this purchase.

Toilet Seat Pedal Lifter

Toilet Seat Pedal lifter gadgets for lazy people

The toilet seat lifter isn’t just an invention for those too lazy to bend a bit and lift the seat. It’s actually hygenic, which expands its target audience to the clean as well as the lazy. Buy the toilet seat lifter.

Page Flipper


PageFlip lazy gadgets funny Reading on your tablet or computer? Feel like sifting through the pages is too much of a chore? The PageFlip Cicada Bluetooth Pedal Automatic Page Changer is perfect for you. Buy it here and reach a whole new level of laziness.

The Clapper


With the clapper, you can be as suave and cool as those people in the movies who clap to make their lights and other electronic devices around the house go on and off. You can get it here.

iPad Toilet Paper Holder

gadgets for lazy people Pedestal Stand for iPad toilet paper Roll Holder

We’re lazy when we’re in the bath, so why not be lazy when we’re on the toilet too? Just sit down, do your business and keep time interesting by having an iPad to entertain you. Buy the CTA digital pedestal stand

Self Stiring Mug

gadgets for lazy people self stirring mugWe’re so busy these days, we don’t even have time to stir our own cup of coffee. That’s where the OliaDesign self stirring coffee mug comes in. It might be a whole new level of dependence on technology, but it’s really fun not having to do something even this trivial.  You can get it here.

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