Being in the Doghouse Ain’t So Bad: 19 Darn Cool Doghouses

No, they are not massive mansions of Russian millionaires, nor Hollywood stars but rather residences of dogs that were born under the lucky star. It’s questionable if the dogs know to appreciate these architectural masterpieces, but these 19 creative and luxurious doghouses listed below will definitely make the owners’ hearts swell with pride. Some of them are so cool that even humans would desperately want to live in.

One Jackson Doghouse


Designed by William Peterson of Kohn Pederson Fox for a charity auction, One Jackson is an impressive doghouse that is modeled after Greenwich Village condominium complex One Jackson Square.

Cubix Doghouse


A tribute to the significant Bauhaus architecture, the Cubix doghouse features simple yet elegant colors, glass facade with a lot of space for both small and big dogs. It even comes with built-in water drainage on the roof and cleaning flap on the back.

Caravan Doghouse


Your over pampered dog can now sleep in Italian style with this beautiful caravan doghouse created by Italian designer Marco Morosini. The ceramic material is to add to the elegance and the white and platinum colors are to add to luxury.

Pet Camper


Made of fiberglass and aluminum stainless steel, the Pet Camper by Straight Line Designs is a classic Airstream-inspired camper van that will let your dog travel in style.

Pup Tent Doghouse


Designed by New York based Slade Architecture, this weird looking conical doghouse was the winning entry of the AIA Small Project Award. The Pup Tent might not have much of the functionality, it will still make a good decoration piece for your house.

TownHaus Doghouse


The multipurpose TownHaus is a sturdy piece of furniture on the outside and the cozy space your dog craves on the inside. It features a unique door with removable grate that allows your dog to come in and out freely, or turns into a secure gate when needed.

Hunde Hus Doghouse


Hunde Hus is a modern pet sanctuary that doubles as a bedside table. The doghouse provides a quiet shelter for your dog to snuggle up inside and a lookout spot with an optional cozy sheepskin on the terrace.

DogEden Doghouse


Appealing to a dog’s natural instincts to build dens in the ground, the DogEden is an ergonomic underground doghouse that will keep your pooch cool in summer and warm in winter. The doghouse features 20% recycled materials, a built-in tie out, and self-heating and cooling system.

Indoor Dog Den


Designed by a studio with a funky name Pawsitively Modern, the Indoor Dog Den offers your dog a place to lounge in style. Inspired by the sleek clean lines of Mid Century Modern design, the doghouse can also serve as a stunning piece of furniture.

Fairytale Doghouse


This beautiful pink castle Fairytale will make your beloved puppy the princess of her own fairy tale. Purposely designed without window but with two solid turrets, the castle makes safe heaven and a cozy cave for your princess.

Wooden Doghouse


Crafted from quality wood, this cute little doghouse suits to small and medium sized dogs. This house features a spacious sleeping area and a front porch that comes with beautiful lattice work.

Greenrrroof Animal House


Playfully called Greenrrroof Animal House, the house features a mini landscape made from native plants atop. The green roof serves to insulate, filter runoff water, filter dust and particulate matter for cleaner air.

Paris Hilton’s Doghouse


Designed by interior decorator Faye Resnick, the 300 sq ft house is a replica of the celebutante’s original house in its majesty pink. Paris Hilton’s pet playhouse has two floors with a living room, a bedroom that features a crystal chandelier and a closet which is definitely much better than many people’s closets.

Mexican Hacienda Doghouse


Large enough to accommodate a human, this glamorous red clay-roofed mansion belongs to the pets of actress/model Rachel Hunter. The house comes complete with terra-cotta floors and is a scaled-down version of her own home.

Celebrity Brick Estate Doghouse


This impressive mansion is one of the most upscale dog houses in the world created by the renown artist and designer Alan Mowrer. It has every amenities one could expect in a luxurious house including running water, lighting, air conditioning and heat. Available at a whooping $25,000, the doghouse might be as expensive as a human’s house in many developing countries.

Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Doghouse


Known as the Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Doghouse, this luxurious doghouse has been designed for uber-rich fashion-conscious pet owners. Designed with a gingerbread trim and gable, the home promises to be a safe and comfortable haven for your four-legged buddy.

English Cottage Doghouse


This beautiful English style cottage, probably more beautiful than most cottages we have ever seen, is actually a doghouse. The plant outside is to set your pooch into the relaxing mood.

Celebrity White Colonial Doghouse


The White Colonial Doghouse is a luxurious doghouse which is custom made to meet your own requirements and to fit in with the surrounding environment. Even the windows and doors are custom built to provide adequate utilization and functionality.

Lönneberga Doghouse


Resembling the typical house of Sweden, the beautiful Lönneberga doghouse features the close to nature, peaceful and idyllic Scandinavian design. The roof can be removed for cleaning.