Character Composition: Mona Lisa

To sketch a picture one requires a paper, pen or pencil and most important of all, imagination. And when you give shape to your imagination, the picture starts taking shape. There are many who like to replicate the works of famous artists. But there are some who like to take inspiration from a famous artist and bring in his/her own personal touch with it. Thereby they end up creating a whole new image. The Mona Lisa painting of Leonardo Da Vinci is one such painting that has been a source of inspiration for artists ever since it was created.

Sagaki Keita from Japan has tried to replicate the painting but in ink. His Mona Lisa sketch has a striking resemblance to the original one by Da Vinci. But you would not have seen something like this before. On close examination you will notice Keita’s personal touches all over the sketch. One complete sketch of Mona Lisa comprises of a number of smaller characters strewn all over the drawing. You can spot a baby, flowers, planets, animals and number of other characters and objects.

It is a widely accepted fact among all artistic works that recreating a Mona Lisa, exactly like the original, is quite a difficult task. But Keita here has gone further than just the lady’s image. He has added sketches, similar to doodles, all over the lady’s image. How many of us have tried to give concrete shape to our doodles? Here doodles are used as fillers for all the blank spaces. The use of doodles has also been done in a imaginative manner. They do not interfere with the shading effects sketch. The perfection with which it has been done is sure to leave everyone dumbstruck.

The Mona Lisa is just one of the many drawing created by Sagaki Keita on this line. There are a number of more such drawings that bring about the effect of pictures within a picture.

This 1984 born artist has completed his art education from the Fukushima University and currently lives in Tokyo. He has been a part of many art exhibitions – organized in both solo and in group. When watching a displayed art a spectator normally looks out for something different, some novel idea. Keita has satisfied all criteria and hence every time got a round of applause for all his drawing and sketches. Not only has he successfully recreated a famous painting but has made also made excellent use of the art of doodling.

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Via: Dude Craft