Primitus Steampunk Gun Mod

Steampunk weapons have been surfacing all around the net and while most are beautifully made, some are absolutely stunning … as is this “Primitus” steampunk gun.

steampunk gun mod primitus image

steampunk primitus gun mod image

We were fortunate enough to speak to the designer, Brandon from War Paint Artisans, about his latest creation:

The gun is dubbed “Primitus” because it’s the first of my steam-themed mods, save for a hand-full of tiny pop guns that I painted at the last Oktoberfest Belegarth event.  Primitus took me approximately 6 hours worth of work, spread across three nights which was mostly spent sanding off the Nerf logos and doing all of the dremel detail with my battery starved Mini-Mite.  The chief inspirations for it are Samaritan from Hellboy and the ever impressive Dreameater by Professor Ca T Pardus.

steampunk gun mod primitus design

steampunk gun mods primitus

We can see the resemblance and simply love the execution, for it is still full of personal detail and engraving. @Warpaintartisan goes on to explain the actual cosmetic and performance Modification as well:

  • Removing the outer shell of the chambers (which sets Primitus and Dreameater apart from most other Maverick mods out there)
  • Attaching two 12g steel rings to the grip (to dangle a precious stone) and under the barrel (which is unused but can be used to run a strap to the grip or for whatever)
  • Windows carved into the chambers (which may affect the performance negatively, it was for experimentation)
  • Window carved into the barrel casing
  • Lots of engraving
  • Lots of paint
  • Russian Roulette – allows the chambers to slide out farther, makes the wielder look awesome when they spin the chambers and pop them back into the gun
  • Removing air restrictors
  • Loaded three pennies behind the spring to increase tension

steampunk gun mod primitus

steampunk primitus gun mods

The Primitus steampunk gun is a great creation that has been designed well. Respect to Brandon and thanks for the info and images.

steampunk primitus gun mod

steampunk primitus gun mod design

steampunk gun mod primitus nerf

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