CineFix’s 8-bit Cinema Presents Iron Man

Grab your popcorn and Junior Mints for a snappy 8-bit treatment of the first Iron Man movie.

8-Bit Iron Man CineFix image

Watching summer blockbuster comic book movies? Ain’t nobody got time for that! That’s why the enthusiastic bunch of movie lovers down at CineFix have put together the first of many sixty-second video summaries of the most popular films to date.

And to add a little originality to the recipe – because let’s be honest here, speedy recaps of movies are a true YouTube dime a dozen – each summary is cutely retold in pixels, or rather “8-bit Cinema” as they’re aptly titled.

The first movie to get this blocky treatment? Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. as the alcoholic entrepreneur and armored hero Tony Stark, a central role that Mr. Downey has totally elevated to awesome status in each and every subsequent appearance.

Now you can watch the Marvel comic book movie that started it all – with a bang to boot – in the time it takes to check your Twitter feed, and in a cool and brilliantly appropriate 8-bit visual style, that of Capcom’s Mega Man series.

Hmm, potential cross-over in the works? Maybe, but before we go down that gaming rabbithole to our heart’s content, let’s watch CineFix’s video first! Oh and warning: spoilers for the first Iron Man movie – but seriously, shouldn’t you have already watched it by now?

I really hope CineFix adds more videos to this brand new series; maybe then I can catch up on my movie backlog in one easy breezy go, just like checking out Halo music videos, a car fueled by social media(?), and the latest geekery from around the world here on