Steampunk Smartphone Mod: “I’ll Call You From My Zeppelin, Bye!”

Most smartphones are not waterproof, but this one sure does something cool with steam. Introducing: the Steampunk Smartphone Mod.


As much as we like our iPhones, Androids, or Blackberrys (we refuse to pluralize the brand as Blackberries!), our love for old school and classic styles being brought back on current gen technology is greater. In one of the coolest design twists we’ve seen as of late, here we see a Smartphone revamped as a victorian age gadget which we’re sure Queen Victoria’s court would appreciate: a current gen smartphone in actual steampunk fashion.


The fans will appreciate this: the mod is more than just covering the phone in brass and a paintjob: the brass plate is completely functional, while the details in leather look pretty classy. Also, despite the modification, the phone itself remains 100% percent functional and has a fantastic over-all look and feel to it. Replacing the central touchpad with a functional clock might be a bit excessive, but sure fits the theme, and looks good enough.


This truly looks like a relic from old times, and will definitely make your phone stand out from the rest. Check the author’s website to see more pictures, or stay with us and read about the Steampunk Xbox 360 Controller and Steampunk R2-D2 from Star Wars.