11 Creepiest Christmas Decorations

Even though Halloween is the official holiday for morbidity and creepiness, there are plenty of that in Christmas as well, maybe to make it about more than just family, love and giving. We already have Thanksgiving for that.

So how does Christmas, with all of its songs, reindeer and Santa Clause handing out gifts? Make the decorations look like monsters, zombies and other dead things.

Holiday Ornaments of a Dead Family And Bones

Holiday Ornaments

A Wreath That Looks Like It’s Going to it You

Maneating Wreath

A Very Disfigured Christmas Nutcracker Soldier

Nutcracker Soldier

Disfigured Gingerbread Men

Difigured Gingerbread

Or Gingerbread Men That Are Going Through an X-Ray

Skeleton Gingers

There’s Nothing More Romantic Than Kissing Under the MistleTOE


Rudolph? That’s Christmas. But a Swimsuit With a Rudolph Skull?!

Rudolph Skeleton

Santa is Cool Right? How About a Zombie Chocolate Santa Clause?

Chocolate Zombie

Handing Out Undead Fred

Undead Fred

Santa Monsters Gift Wrap

Santa Monsters Gift Wrap


This Gift Wrap Has to go With a Monstrous Gift Tag

Monster Tag

Via: Trisha Savage Lang

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