Creepy Family Guy Art

If watched “Family Guy” recently and wondered who came out with those trippy visuals during one sequence, your answer is Joe Vaux.Vaux, a New York-based artist, came up with the nightmarish art for the animated show for an episode that aired on October 4 for the episode titled “Seahorse Sea Shell Party.”

In that episode, Brian, everyone’s favorite cartoon atheist talking dog, ingests a whole bag of magic mushrooms to keep himself occupied during a hurricane, and suffers from nightmarish hallucinations, as illustrated by this sequence, which features the entire Family Guy gang in hideously twisted forms.

The episode was part of an ambitious project that featured the the same hurricane hitting all of Seth McFarlane’s shows, “The Cleveland Show,” “Family Guy,” and finally “American Dad.” It was originally schedule to air in may, but “national sensitivity” shows prompted pushing the show back to October.

If you look at Vaux’s other paintings, you’ll find that they’re just as creepy as anything you saw on the show. He actually used to work on “Family Guy” as a storyboard revisionist. He also contributed to the “Family Guy C.R.A.P Show” and the What The Deuce Are You Staring At!” shows in 2006.

Family Guy's Stewie Griffin, by Joe Vaux

In these to paintings, you can see Joe Vaux’s creepy imaginiation at work, with Stewie Griffin as a Godzilla-esque creature chasing down the rest of the highly altered family, and another of Meg Griffin with her head of the body of a cockroach.

Meg Griffin on the body of a cockroach, by Joe Vaux

It’s nice to see people in the art world get involved in these projects, which gives them exposure to a mainstream audience that doesn’t necessarily make it out to  art galleries.

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