The Best AT-AT Costume Ever

Is that a dog dressed as an AT-AT or are you just happy to see me? Now here’s an idea for you and your puppy to do in Halloween night.

This cute guy over here, his name is Bones Mello, he is an Italian Greyhound, and the world knows it as the AT-AT dog. Bones earned his title after his owners created this piece of work, a terrific dog-version of the AT-AT units seen in the Star Wars saga, prominently featured in the opening sequence of the fan favorite Episode V. The disguise, because no dog in the world is THAT patient, was made on a foam model of him for planning stages, and then, finally moved it onto the Bones himself.

Dog AT-AT Costume 2

Apparently, Bones Mello was very collaborative throughout the process and loved the attention once the costume was over. The best part is that it seems their owners were very happy with the experiment, and it’s likely not the last we’ll see of them. His facebook fan page (with over a thousand fans, mind you) already features an album with the dog picking pumpkins for Halloween in another cute costume. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

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