CreoPop: the handheld 3d printer, in pen form

We’ve talked so much about 3d printing lately, as it’s all the rage, but regardless, not many people are familiar with 3d printing pens such as the CreoPop.

creopop 3d pen

The concept of the 3D printing pen is not something new, and the most well known name is probably the 3Doodler: a device that is a mix between a glue gun and a printer, using the same filament from the regular 3d printers. But, here comes the CreoPop to challenge it for the throne, a 3D printing pen that uses resin instead of filament. What the CreoPop does is curing the resin with UV light, which solidifies it without having to use any sources of heat: this means no more painful burns.

They have several types of materials available for the pen (shall we call it “ink”?) such as glittering, glow in the dark, aromatic, body paint (taking full advantage of the whole “no burning” that we mentioned above), elastic, and conductive. They have finally launched their indiegogo campaign, asking for $40,000, which they have already surpassed. With many days still to go, we’re incredibly excited to see how this campaign will end, and what’s next for this little project.

Source: Makezine

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