Google Improves Glass with Shazam, Zombies Run, Livestream and Duolingo

Google decided now would be a great time to bring more apps to its smart glasses, just a day before the I/O conference. The new Glassware is based on big names, so it should make this wearable even more appealing.

One of the first new apps that was added to Glass is Duolingo, a piece of software that’s essential to anyone wanting to learn a new language. In a particular case, Duolingo is useful when traveling, but it could turn convenient even if you’re using it with a pen pal from another country.

LiveStream is said to be among the most important pieces of new Glassware. Before this official app, anyone who wanted to use in tandem with Google Glass had to rely on a side-load install.

Shazam and MusicXmatch are two apps for music lovers. Want to look up the song that’s currently playing, or do you want to see the lyrics of a particular song? These two will help you find the info you’re looking for faster than when with a smartphone.

StarChart is for the ones who are looking #throughlass at the stars. Astronomy lovers who happen to own Google’s wearable will discover a new side of things, as long as they’re leaving the city lights behind.

The addition of The Guardian app marks the launch of Google Glass in the UK. Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief for Guardian News & Media, stated: “What intrigues us most about Google Glass and other wearable devices are the new journalistic opportunities they provide, and how they allow us to collaborate with our readers around the world while respecting their privacy.”

As far as the Zombies! Run app is concerned, its addition to Google Glass was really a must. Fitness apps and wearable tech really go hand in hand, and when it comes to motivating people to stay fit, there aren’t many options better than Zombies! Run. Yet, I think that the Glass version of the app could be improved by using augmented reality. Seeing zombies around the corners of buildings would get people even more motivated, when the audio part just isn’t enough.

I’m wondering what Google has in store for us at the I/O conference, given these many new Glass apps.

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