Toronto Artist Posts Video Game Neighborhood Watch Signs

Beware Toronto criminals! This neighborhood is protected by an all-star guard of video game heroes.

Samus Sign Andrew Lamb image

A neighborhood guarded by the likes of Super Mario, Samus from Metroid, and the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man? Sounds like a neighborhood I’d want to live in.

Toronto artist Andrew Lamb decided upon himself to give the community where he lived the heroes they deserved by printing up these video game inspired neighborhood watch signs. Printed, as in the clever wheatpaste portraits Lamb used to easily transform the signs hanging around his block – around 70 neighborhood watch signs, to be precise.

Mega Man sign Andrew Lamb image

Not only did Lamb use video game characters as his subjects, but also famous movie and television characters, like Bruce Lee or Inspector Gadget (the greatest crime-fighting duo ever), which you can find tons of pictures of over at his Instagram account.

I doubt Lamb’s own neighborhood watch signs will have much effect on would-be criminals, but against either a fire-breathing king lizard, giant alien pterodactyl, or a gang of renegade robots created by a mad scientist, they might just do the job. And you know what? That’s enough piece of mind for me.

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