Start a Horror Rock Band with the Cthulhu Guitar

Move over death metal, it’s time to bring horror rock back into style, and there’s no better way than with a Cthulhu themed electric guitar.

cthulhu horror guitar

There are some guitars that seem like they might be a little bit too evil for your average death metal group. This Cthulhu themed electric guitar is probably the craziest one yet, with a design that just screams madness and makes me want to pick up the Necronomicon and stare into the abyss for a while.

According to our source, this mean machine was designed by a guitar maker called Ikon Customs. The instrument was made using birdseye maple and a pincher claw headstock. The body was designed to look like the master of madness himself, with a weavy green frame and two very evil looking red eyes.

cthulhu electric guitar

The tentacles are a nice touch, and make the guitar all the more menacing, but I’m a little curious what the body will do to guitar picks if you’re not careful. Worse yet, I can see it reigning all sorts of terror on the fingernails of an unwary player who picks up the instrument for a few licks.

These axes are made to order and can be yours for a tidy little sum between $699 to $1199 depending on the base model you choose and which extra features you want.

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