10 Hilarious iPhone 4S Siri Videos

Love it or loathe it, however you cannot ignore it. Yes folks, we are talking about the almighty Apple who have time and time again upped the ante with their clever marketing skills and intuitive softwares. These days the mobile world is smitten by a particular voice assistant that seems to transcend gender, cultures and borders.

Since its announcement Siri has captured the imagination of millions of iPhone fanboys and girls and has made the art of voice command cooler and dare we say more intuitive. There is no doubt  Siri is seriously (pun intended) awesome and has made the iPhone 4S a covetable object. But don’t dismiss Siri as just something functional,  since one can have loads of fun with it too. Hilarious videos of this Intelligent Voice Assistant has flooded the Interwebs,  but not all of them tickle the funny bone. So being the considerate folks that we are here at Walyou, we picked the best Siri videos that include Siri answering existential questions, giving marital advice and also turning into a bonafied stalker.

Comedian Phil Butler Siri Act

British comedian Phil Butler brilliantly incorporates Siri in his comedy routine and is made to eat humble pie when Siri  keeps droning about Jerry Seinfeld and his millions. The expressions and the responses are just priceless.

Siri Believes User Cheating On Her

Hell hath no fury like a Siri scorned! Siri has too much self-respect to be the other woman and gives the user quite a cold aluminum incased shoulder.

Flirting with Siri

Warning: The video contains some expletives.

Flattery will get you somewhere in both real and virtual world it seems! When it comes to flirting Siri knows her stuff, but when it comes to actually doing the deed, she is a tease!

Siri Funny Halloween Horror (Parody)

One man’s dream is another man’s nightmare. Don’t be fooled by the rather innocuous looking Siri as its quite a homicidal maniac!

Siri Helps Woman Win Millions

Warning: The video contains some expletives.

Another parody which also has a LOST reference. Yes LOSTIES the numbers do work and its not only Hurley that won the millions.

Two Siris Confuse Each Other

Quick question, what do you get when you have two Siris? Loads and loads of confusion! Check this video by Gizmodo where two iPhones with Siri interact with each other and engage in some riveting conversation.

Siri Has A Dark Side 

Everyone has a dark side and Siri is no exception. Watch Siri showing off its infinite knowledge by answering some of life’s darkest questions.

Siri As A Marital Mediator

Warning: The video contains some expletives.

Marriages can be messy and being a mediator between a couple messier. Poor Siri is caught between a sparring couple and the end is not pretty. RIP Siri!

iPhone 4S Siri Operating Manual Parody

Siri is an emotional fool. Don’t believe us? Then check out this video where Siri is a star-crossed lover and in love with a mere mortal.

Naughty Sassy Siri

Warning: The video contains some expletives.

Siri is just not a good girl and doesn’t mind getting down and dirty.

Bonus Video:

Sick of Siri? Then dump her sorry ass and go for ARNI aka the Terminator!  ARNI, an Alternative to Apple’s Siri intelligent Voice Assistant Application features Arnold Schwarzenegger who will assist you ’til Judgment Day (no pun intended).