gAtari Hero: Chiptune Artist cTrix’s Custom-Made gAtari 2600

What do you get when you combine musical instrument and vintage video game machine? Chiptune artist cTrix’s gAtari 2600, obviously.

gAtari 2600 by cTrix Image

They said it couldn’t be done. They said he was a fool for even trying. Alright… no one said any of those things, truth juice, but for whatever alluring muse tempted chiptune artist cTrix to create what could be best called a bizarre “Frankenstein-ing” of musical instrument and retro gaming console, behold world, the gAtari 2600.

First of all, without even seeing the drat thing in action (which we will down below,) the name is so boss. The gAtari 2600; a real wordplay treat, it is. Not only is it catchy, but it tells you what it is without having to explain so. A big bucket-of-win for that.

As for the idea itself, sure, it’s been done a plenty; somewhere out there in Internet-land there’s an electric guitar made from parts of a NES that you’ve probably seen already, but I wager it dwarfs in size when compared to the gAtari 2600 that’s made from one whole Atari 2600, it’s famed sole-joystick controller, and three separate effects pedals.

Is that heavy? Darn tootin’ it is — but the gAtari’s hefty size is mostly for show, and unlike that NES guitar, can’t be played as an actual guitar. Which kinda sucks, yet no how lessens cTrix’s already stellar creation which, mind you, can still produce rocking chiptune sounds.


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