Tetra Shed: A Revolution in Cubicles

Whether we like it or not, most of use have to work in cubicles, but one designer is radically rethinking the cubicle with the Tetra-Shed, DVICE reports.

This space-age cubicle is being developed by London-based designer David Ajasa-Adekunle of the Innovation Imperative studio. The cubicles should become available to office drones early next year.

Tetra Shed

These things look like something right out of a science fiction novel, not being cubic at all, but as the name suggests, closer to a tetrahedon. They’re meant to be deployed in tessellations of six, but larger configurations are available. The Tetra Sheds are also available in double-module versions as well. In addition to offices, the cubicles can be used for classrooms, tourism and in retail. The neat part is that they open up when you want them to, instead of enclosing you in a drab box.

The idea is lofty, making workers actually feel like working instead of going “Office Space” on the copier and the fax machine. It’s important to remember the idea of the cubicle itself came from such humanistic impulses. The original design for the office based on cubicles was invented by Robert Probst for the Herman Miller company and was dubbed the “Action Office.” It was intended to give people in offices some privacy in order to be productive, but managers just ended up jamming as many cubicles into the floor plans as possible. It’s no surprise that Probst regretted his invention, just as Robert Oppenheimer did the atomic bomb and Alfred Nobel agonized over the destructive uses of dynamite, creating the Nobel Prize. Inventors should remember that even with the noblest of intentions, they way people actually use their creations supersedes the visions of designers, for better or worse.

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