Cyber Cafe 2.0: Biz Cafe for Business Travelers On the Go

Many web and tech connected professionals telecommute from home, the airplane (thanks Gogo!), or their neighborhood coffee shop. With the exception of home, few places outside of the office are actually equipped to handle all of your work needs. This is where cyber cafes have come into play and, while we appreciate them, it’s time to step it up to the next level.

Enter Biz Cafe, a cyber cafe concept by Youri Hong, Moonhwan Park and Hyoshin Kim. The hyper modern design combined with the convenience of essential office equipment and a hip coffee shop vibe equals a potentially very successful concept that telecommuters are sure to drool over.

Biz Cafe Features:

  • Biz Pack Picker: This machine gives customers access to a work area and charges them for the usage;
  • Multi-touch Table: The table is multi-functional. It allows you to view data actually on the surface and manipulate it as you would on a touchscreen phone (with which you can use to upload the data to the table via Bluetooth);
  • Display: This large view screen displays your data on the wall and can also be used to create an ‘environment’ for you to comfortably work in’
  • Partition: Think of this as your cubicle wall. It can be transparent and allow you to view the other workspaces or you can turn it opaque if you need your privacy while on the job. The partition may also be used as a billboard;
  • Individual Desk: The individual desk functions as a cafe table and a workspace, dependent upon the customer’s current needs. It includes a clear partition that can also be used as a monitor and a touch keyboard will appear on the table when the computer is in use. It would also be possible to charge your mobile device by simply laying it on the surface;
  • Instant Printer and Ink Remover: This eco-friendly printer is desk-adjacent and has the ability to erase the ink, hence providing the option of reusing paper;
  • Recycle Cleaner: The recycle cleaner functions as a humidifier that repurposes a leftover drink into the desired level of humidity for the workspace.

Biz Cafe

This is an awesome concept that all of those working via the web would love to see put in place. Check out some Amazing Office Workplaces to Die For, the Han Solo Carbonite Desk and the Star Wars Lightsaber Desk.

Via: Yanko Design