Cup o’ Noodles is Actually a Transforming Robot

Only in Japan: what at first glance looks like your average soup cup of ramen noodles is actually a tiny transforming robot.

soup cup transformer robot japan

Much like the Transformers we know and love, this tiny little robot is more than meets th eye. Designed to mimic a household staple, a cup of ramen noodles, this robot hangs out inconspicuously until someone hits a button which lets it come to life and transform.

What I found really startling about this little guy is that the pictures don’t do it justice: it’s active a very active robot with a personality of its own. I didn’t quite expect there to be so much dancing involved.

Check out the video below to see what I mean.

It’s nice to see that it’s more than just a simple toy that unfolds. The glowing chest and eyes really give it some presence and a quasi-cinematic awakening.

Though it’s not likely that this robot will fool anyone into thinking its actually a cup of noodles, at first glance most people probably won’t release that it’s really a robot. It would be a pretty cool gift just to bring over and leave at a friend’s place one night.

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