12 Iconic Celebrities and Ensembles Made from LEGO

LEGO blocks can be quite a bit more than your average toys. In the hands of an artist, they become a medium of expression. Check out 12 iconic celebrities and ensembles designed entirely from LEGO.

Freddie Mercury

lego freddie mercurylego travolta jackson

LEGO Bloggers The Living Brick recently shared this amazing creation on their site: Freddie Mercury in full showmanship mode. It even has his trademark moustache! What could be better for Movember?

Kanye West

kanye west lego

We’ve also got ourselves a Kanye West LEGO replica. Seeing him made out of tiny building blocks make him seem at least 50% less annoying. This model is brought to you by Dave Kaleta.

John, Paul, George and Ringo

the beatles lego

We’ve also got you covered for classical rock. Brick Shelf has a great LEGO rendition of the Beatles at their iconic best (though, looking somewhat lazier than I remember).

Sir Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth

winston churchill lego

queen of england

Next up, we’ve got a pretty decent bust of famed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, along with the Queen herself. Both courtesy of The Living Brick.

Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta

lego travolta jackson

Who can forget two of Pulp Fiction’s most iconic characters? Even if no one can remember their names, John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson were the embodiment of cool, and these LEGO models from don’t lose any of the groove.

Stewie and Brian

stewie brian lego

For those of you too young to remember Pulp Fiction, here’s a duo that’s probably more familiar, and almost as iconic: LEGO Stewie and Brian from Family Guy, brought to you by LEGO master Chrisnanoblock.

Steve Jobs

steve jobs Lego

Coming from the same artist, we’ve also been blessed with a rather faithful representation of Steve Jobs in his usual black turtle neck, glasses and blue jeans. It looks like he’s even carrying a LEGO iPad.

Stephen Hawkings

stephen hawkings

How about a creepy looking Stephen Hawkings LEGO replica? We found this one on Imgur, but I’m pretty sure the good folks at The Living Brick were the first to share it.

Olivia Wilde

olivia wilde tron

Speaking of science, how bout some sci-fi? Here we’ve got a rendition of Olivia Wilde based on her role in Tron from LEGO artist Ochre Jelly. Not bad, though her face looks a little spooky.

Spock and Uhura

spock and uhura

Let’s not neglect Star Trek as Ochre Jelly serves up two more. Spock and Uhura anyone?

Afro Samurai

afro samurai lego

Samuel L. Jackson makes another comeback, this time in the animated form of the Afro Samurai. This piece is by Logan Thyr.

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