Custom NES Nike Shoes – Nintendo Power On Your Feet

Step into gaming nostalgia with this pair of awesomely made custom NES shoes.

Custom NES shoes by Michael Kohl image 1.jpg

The Nintendo Entertainment System is a great console, hosting a memorable collection of videogames that left a long lasting impression on a generation of gamers. How the heck does one even begin to define such a legacy? On a cool pair of sneakers, of course!

Michael Kohl, an art teacher from the noble land of Canada, created these custom NES shoes, a fantastic-looking set of Nike Toki NDs that capture the essence of Nintendo’s cherished 8-bit console near perfectly. Eh, who am I kidding, they’re the definition of perfect!

Custom NES shoes by Michael Kohl image 2

Painted on both sides of each individual sneaker are snapshots of iconic games – drawn by Michael himself – that appeared on the NES, the likes of Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, and if my knowledge of Mega Man bosses is correct, Mega Man 2.

Custom NES shoes by Michael Kohl image 4

But really it’s the subtle touches of the NES gamepads on the front of these custom shoes, the “game over” and “continue” text on the backside, and the gamepad plug shoelaces (okay, now that’s really awesome!), which really bring it together to form one amazing wearable piece of gaming nostalgia.

Oh, that and the shoe box resembling a NES console. Yup, pretty boss. Michael, no doubt your artist efforts today show why you and your fellow Canadian countrymen are superior in every way. It must be all that free medicare and maple syrup, I tell ya.

Custom NES shoes by Michael Kohl image 3

Visit Michael’s website to check out his other custom shoes – yes, he does have others, and they are fantastic.

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