Custom Truck Goes In, Custom Boat Goes Out

During this time of the year, most people think about sleighs and reindeer, but I don’t think it’s ever inappropriate to feast your eyes with some geeky boats and trucks.

Sometimes you’re sitting in places where, despite the surrounding beauty and stillness, you are rather sure that nothing special is going to happen. And then appears something, out of nowhere, that makes you think that humans do not lack creativity, at all. Of course, in certain cases, the creativity needs to be backed-up by serious amounts of money. The following custom truck-boat combo might be such a case.

The following video was shot on the shores of Lake Mead, either in Mohave County, Arizona or in Clark County, Nevada, in July. However, the clip was posted on YouTube much later, in November. In the beginning, there is a common SUV pulling a typical boat from the lake on a platform. When these two are out of the picture, the magic starts to happen. A vehicle that looks like an elongated truck with a boat-resembling rear starts going backwards into the lake. A few seconds later, the back of the vehicle (the boat per se), is launched to water. The amazing fact is that due to the amazing paint job that the combo has, it looks like the boat gets ripped from the truck.


As many YouTube users pointed out, the person owning this recreational vehicle-boat combo is either very rich or is a very skilled craftsman. It is certain that the combo does not come from a showroom, so the owner either paid a lot of money to have it built, or he built it himself. The latter is also possible, as the custom RV is based on a Ford van manufactured in the mid ’80s. The boat is obviously the more expensive part of the combo.

Another YouTube user said that these are called Boaterhomes and that they were built sometime in the ’80s or early ’90s. This particular Boaterhome was also featured on YachtForums in April, 2012, so either the above clip is older, or the pictures were added to the forum post later. Either way, it is great to see that the owner of this insanely good-looking Boaterhome gets the praise and the appreciation he deserves.

Last, but not least, there is a rendered speculation of how Boaterhomes might look like. Feast your eyes and let me know what you think of this kind of vehicles in the Comments section below.

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