What Christmas Looks Like Around the World

Christmas isn’t all about December 25, and it looks different in every part of the world, with more than just us human beings getting in on the festivities. Different traditions and cultural outlooks on the holiday look even better when posted next to each other with these interesting to look at photos from around the globe.

Mountain Santa, Colorado

A Gifted Lion, London

Lucifer the lion holds a Christmas present in his mouth at ZSL London Zoo.

A Happy Bear, Sydney, Australia

Christmas and the Mosque, Lebanon

A Christmas tree stands in front of the Al-Amin mosque in downtown Beirut.

Freezing His Ass Off Santa, Yenisei River, Russia

Christmas on the Beach, Kochi, India

Tourists and locals walk past a Santa Claus statue placed on a beach for a film shoot in the southern Indian city of Kochi.

The Santa Dash, Liverpool, UK

Runners dressed in Santa Claus outfits compete in the Santa Dash in Liverpool, England.

Amazon Christmas, England

Workers collect orders at Amazon.com’s fulfillment center in Rugeley, England.

The Decorated Bridge, North Vancouver, Canada

The Capilano Suspension Bridge decorated in Christmas lights in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sandy Santa Claus, New York

Michael Sciaraffo, using Facebook, started a charitable enterprise to collect and personally deliver toys to children affected by Superstorm Sandy, dressed as Santa.

Scary Devil, Prague, Czech Republic

Revelers dressed as Saint Nicholas and a devil approached children on the streets as part of a tradition to determine if they had behaved well during the past year and depending on their answers, would receive presents, sweets or coal accordingly.

A Penguin Christmas, Tokyo, Japan

Cape penguins and an aquarium keeper dressed in Christmas themed costumes take part in a Christmas event at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama.

X-Massed Chevy, Los Angeles

Creating Christmas Figures, Seiffen, Germany

or several decades the eastern German region of Erzgebirge has produced wooden folk art of smokers, nutcrackers and pyramids especially used as decoration during the Christmas season.

Sky Lantern Party, Zagreb, Croatia

Locals gather in front of a museum in Zagreb as they participate in an initiative by local artist Kresimir Tadija Kapulic to release Chinese sky lanterns with people’s Christmas and New Year’s wishes.

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