Gargantuan Water Slides for Stunning Superyachts

Slides are quite popular at aqua parks and fun fairs, but attaching them to yachts is a brilliant idea nobody seems to have thought of until now.

The Freestyle Cruiser PVC slides are meant to bring back to surface the child within every billionaire out there who thinks that his or her superyacht is a bit too dull. The inflatable, 45-degree water slides is made according to the dimensions of the yacht, so no one will ever complain about the slide being inappropriately sized.

Attaching the slide to the yacht is possible in several different ways. For example, it might be attached to the deck or to the stairway, depending on how the yacht is designed and on the taste of the owner. The slides are available in two varieties: the No Leg Support (version)  hangs off decks that are shorter than 5 meters, while the Leg Support (LS) variety comes with an inflatable leg that permits hanging it off decks taller than 5 meters. Another distinctive feature is represented by the guide ropes that offer the NLS variety additional support.

Some of the special characteristics of the Freestyle Cruiser slides include a detachable safety net, inflatable, non-skid steps,  as well as a very slick plastic coating that will allow the superyacht passengers to slide effortlessly. Moreover, the slides come with a built-in water spray system that ensures that the sliding surface is not dry. Freestyle Slides, the manufacturer of these products, offers the possibility to print a logo or the ship’s name on the slide at no additional charges. I can imagine such slides costing several tens of thousands dollars, so such bonuses are expected. The electric pumps that are delivered with the slide are able to inflate it or deflate it in approximately 20 minutes.

The 28-ounce Firmatex-reinforced PVC panels that the slides are made of do not only meet, but also exceed the US, Australian and EU inflatable standards.  Putting the panels together implies sewing, heat and RF welding, as well as gluing. Due to the dimensions of the slide and the toughness of the materials, the product has a very large weight, so installing it would probably require a crane.

If you happen to own a superyacht and consider buying such a water slide for it, I would gladly test it, to make sure that it works according to the manufacturer’s specs.

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