Customizable Camping

A ‘space’ architect that worked for NASA has designed and developed a new way to take a home on the go, into the wilderness. The Cricket Trailer allows for some comfort in the Great Outdoors, all the while being very environmentally cautious. Also, it should be easy to trust this guy, since he did help design living areas for the International Space Station. 

With a passion to spend some quality time with his family, but remain comfortable while camping, Garrett Finney created the Cricket recreational trailer. It may look a little odd, but it certainly has some practicality to it.

For starters, Finney is designing the Cricket to be so light-weight, if could be pulled by a standard 4-cylinder car. No more gas guzzling V8 diesel monstrosities in order to get a small room out into the woods. He uses composite panels and high-tech fabrics to keep such a low weight, giving it the ability to move easily.

It’s also easy to store, fitting into a standard garage. The trailer folds up into a compact unit, similar to a small U-Haul trailer. When it is time to actually use it, the roof and sides unfold, allowing some extra headroom and space.

With the Cricket, pricing isn’t so black and white. Prices can range anywhere from $10,000 to $17,000 because you customize your own. Finney explains that he wants every customer to be completely satisfied with their end-result. No extra amenities for extra cost and no skimping around the corners for a little more luxury. Through the website you receive a sheet that allows you to pick and choose the components, making every Cricket unique.

It looks retro, but in a futuristic way. The style isn’t just for looks, of course, but to be low impact on its surroundings while remaining an asset to the users. Finney, the man of many talents looks like he can add camping gear aficionado to his resume.

If you plan on heading out in one of these, you may need a Bear Sleeping Bag or perhaps a flashlight that runs on water.

Via: The Cricket Trailer