Cars Case Mod Brings the Family Together

If you are the kind of person who is family oriented, and likes watching movies that could be watched by everyone in the family, you probably must be a fan of Cars.

Cars is an American animated film by Pixar, and involves anthropomorphic cars that try to race each other. Now, a Dutch Modder kier has just created a CARS Case Mod for his 4 year old son, who is predictably a fan f the movie too. In order to initiate his son into the world of geeks, he used an old TV and removed all its internal components to create space for installing a children’s gaming system.

He had planned to use a PC to create the case mod, but his wife insisted that he use the “Lightening McQueen” by Starlite Consumer Electronic, which is a combo of DVD and TV. Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler, Corsair XMS2 2 GB DDR2 with custom CARS stickers and a MSI P4M890M Micro MATX Motherboard were enough to create the core of the case mod.

He also created a DVD drive door and installed a lighting system that could be switched between UV, Blue, Red, and Green. In order to make the case mod look like a car, he made the exhaust pipes to get illuminated too and used RGB LED strips to create all the internal lighting.

The final result is a CARS themed case mod, which has been aptly titled “Lightening McMod” PC. The 4 year old son of the modder is apparently too happy with his father’s creation. This is the sort of stuff that would make family oriented people to gush and go all ‘aww’ for it involves a team of geeky and loving parents, and a 4 year old child, who would turn out to be a geek too.

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