Cut the Rope Om Nom Cake

If there were a video game that could compare with Angry Birds in terms of popularity, it has to be Cut the Rope.

The physics-based puzzle video game is very popular because of the green cartoon monster ‘Om Nom’, who looks ridiculously cute. The game is so popular that there are people actually baking cakes inspired by Om Nom’s character. wold630 has published a detailed recipe to bake a Cut the Rope Cake, and the pictures suggest the cake tastes really yummy.

She baked the cake for her son’s third birthday, whose favorite character happens to be Om Nom. Though she hates fondant, she had to use it in order to give the cake the appearance of Om Nom. She describes humorously how difficult it is to throw fondant away and then see the cake’s shape ruined.

Nonetheless, you could go ahead and learn how to bake a similar Om Nom cake as well, and I am sure you could experiment a little and see how different you could get from the original. If you are the kind of person who likes to bake cakes but weren’t exactly a great fan of Cut the Rope, you could try baking a Death Star Cake or an Indiana Jones Cake.