Vintage Leica Camera Costs $2.8 Million

Leica cameras have always been expensive and coveted. in fact, the German cameras are collected by enthusiasts who are willing to pay very high prices.

Shockingly, a vintage Leica 0-Serie camera from 1923 which is still in working-condition was sold for an astounding $2.8 million. The camera comes with original paintwork, replacement Galilean finder and the satisfaction of being one of the 25 Leica-0 Serie limited-edition cameras that were ever made.

Of course, the camera also comes with a matching cover that you can flaunt in front of your friends. The only catch is, a second piece may not be available ever and when the same camera enters an auction house again, it will cost a lot more than the $2.8 million it got sold for. The auction was held at Vienna by WestLicht Photographica.

I still do not understand why this camera has to be so expensive, even if it is a vintage limited-edition piece. Sometimes, collectors tend to purchase goods by giving money several times their actual value to satiate their own need for owning something that no one else possesses. Perhaps, that feeling is priceless. If you do not want to spend millions on a Leica camera, buy the Fake Likea Camera.