CyanogenMod Helps Enjoy Apps on Your Terms

Revolutions in the mobile industry are not new. Ever since the device was created efforts have been made to improve upon every existing technology. From being just a phone it has moved on to become a multipurpose device. It has almost become a mini computer. Efforts are still on-going and the latest advancement has come in the form of Android.

The Android operating system is considered to be the best in the smartphone industry. It consists of a range of applications that enhance the functionality of all Android based smart phones. By accessing the Android ‘market’ every smartphone user can download a host of applications or ‘apps’ that will enrich their experience. Some apps come free of cost while some demand you to go easy on your pocket. Nevertheless every app is worth the experience.

Very closely related to the Android operating system is an aftermarket firmware named CyanogenMod. This particular firmware guarantees to take your experiences a step further on every cell phone or tablet that is based on the open source Android operating system. Every official Android based device can be enhanced with the features offered by CyanogenMod. This could include basic features like support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB tethering as well as a lot more advanced ones.

The user will be able to download stuff on to the device. In the process you will be required to accept a host of terms and conditions related to the particular app. This could, for example, go to the extent of giving access to information of all your phone calls. The new nightly build of CyanogenMod allows you to make modifications to these terms and conditions. It is not necessary that you accept every term as you, as a user, have every right to protect your privacy. Following a couple of steps by making alterations in the setting you can manually block access to personal information while still use the app with all its features.

Permission requests and agreements are formulated for the benefit of the user. It is very important to go through these and accordingly install apps. Earlier if you found a particular term or agreement to be unacceptable you would normally refrain from installing it. Not any more! Now you have the choice of making minor tweaks to suit your comfort levels for every app installation. But take care and do not go paranoid over these terms. Make sure you have studied the requirements of every app before you go about blocking permissions. Some apps do need access to your device to function appropriately.

Go ahead and enjoy the fascinating world of all the apps available but at your own terms.

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Via: Engadget