The Acoustable by Spriet and Bregentzer

Today’s furniture designs have definitely gone beyond form and aesthetics. Apart from doing their usual functions for seating or storage, modern furniture can now integrate electronic gadget use for a truly tech-savvy home. This Acoustable does more than sit around as a coffee table. In fact, its contemporary-styled shell houses lots of cool features you could definitely use.


The Acoustable’s unique look can be attributed to its designers, Jerome Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer. This coffee table not only adds a modern feel to your living room, but gives you an excellent place to work while you listen to your favorite tunes. In short, you get a centerpiece plus speaker system plus charging station in one.



The table has a diameter of 120 centimeters, and it stands 50 centimeters tall. The white shell for the tabletop and legs are made from polymer concrete, making the body tough and at the same time water and fire resistant. It’s a bit heavy, though, as the shell alone weighs 70 kilograms. So don’t expect to be able to move the table around your living room on your own.


Checking out the inside, one will find the structures for housing the speakers. These are made from custom-fitted polypropylene foam and acoustic fabric. The stereo amplifier, woofer, and speakers are from Teac.


The Acoustable can let you plug in and charge your devices such as your laptop, iPad, iPhone, and others. The speakers can play your tunes directly, or through the optional WiFi attachment. There is also a feature that lets you modify the settings for the speakers via the included remote control.

Perhaps you can include the Acoustable along with these stylishly awesome modern pieces in your home, like this magical cut chair or this nice LED table. Your living room has never looked so classy and high tech.

Via: Design Milk